Post in line with your #SocialMedia strategy.

In the latest on the prestigious blog Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner interviews Mari Smith and Jay Baer on the decrease in reach Facebook posts have been suffering in the past few months. This statement by Baer conveys my thoughts on the matter exactly:

Jay says the tricky part of it all is trying to figure out the cause. It’s hard to advise people right now, because even the professionals don’t really know. There are a lot of organizations that specialize in Facebook research, who are actually trying to crack the code to see what the new best practice is.

So how did we get here?

What started as a great platform to interact with friends and family became more like a channel of communication embedded in many people’s lives. Thus, marketers got to work and users’ news feeds have become ‘saturated’.  This prompted Facebook to adjust their algorithm to filter posts they send to users and reach has decreased significantly. Facebook page administrators have come up with strategies to counteract the diminished reach of their posts. Some of the practices have been:

  1. Post text only updates with no visuals and no link previews.
  2. Post more frequently to increase the chances of being seen.
  3. Use the new ‘story bump’ feature and comment as themselves on their own posts so that these will appear on their friends’ news feed.
  4. Use the ‘Boost Post’ feature and pay to be seen by their fans and their friends.

All of the above have created an even more crowded environment. Competition for attention and engagement is fierce and Social Media managers are focusing on other less trafficked platforms. Diversification of your Social Media strategy is definitely a MUST this year but it is not going to lessen competition for Social Media users’ attention. There are predictions that the big companies with inflated marketing budgets will be the winners as they can afford the ‘pay to play’ game.

Post in line with your strategy

As Jay Baer stated, no one really knows what the best Facebook marketing strategy is. Facebook might not even be the most popular SM platform in the near future. Instead of speculating over several possible scenarios, let’s focus on what we DO know and what we CAN control.

  • You own your BLOG, your SHOP and/or your WEBSITE.
  • Some of your potential clients hang out on a particular social platform depending on their demographics. Check out this infographic by Masters in Marketing on Social Media Wars.
  • Social platform usage varies very quickly and you have to stay updated.
  • Being useful is a MUST and your competitors are or will be creating useful content to share for FREE.
  • Social Media cannot be ignored, it is an important part of your marketing strategy.
  • You know what your business needs and your available resources are.
  • The crowd isn’t going anywhere, it is here to stay as Social Media will continue to establish itself as a new communication channel for the masses.

Should you sacrifice your beautiful graphics? I say NO.

Should you post more often? Only if you have more to say that adds value to your message.

Should you try new post types? Yes, following your voice and your strategy.

You have to find the right balance and maybe add a few more text only posts every now and then – provided you have something to ADD that is relevant to your Facebook audience. Concentrate on writing blog articles in line with your marketing strategy and use your Social Media channels to distribute them and bring people to YOUR blog or website. Grow your e-mail list and distribute your articles or messages to your subscribers.

In a nutshell:

  1. Continue to improve your original visuals to accompany your message.
  2. Optimise your blog and write articles containing your unique message to your followers.
  3. Encourage your followers to subscribe to specific e-mail lists based on message and frequency.
  4. Post in line with your social media strategy, do not deviate from your goals.

The visuals can be used on your Social Media posts, on your blog posts and on your e-mail campaigns. Again, this brings us back to the importance of hiring the services of a graphic designer.

What do YOU think? How have you reacted to the decreased Facebook reach?

I am a Statistician made Marketer who loves organising information and researching. My aim is to help business owners develop the perfect Social Media strategy following their own voice and according to their goals. I can help you put yourself in your clients' shoes as I've been a consumer longer than a marketer. You are Welcome to introduce yourself here or contact me via the private form on this site. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Don't be shy. I might even write an article tailored to answering your specific questions because it might help others like you. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time!

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10 comments on “Post in line with your #SocialMedia strategy.
  1. Love this and totally agree, Veronica! It’s not about posting more, but about remaining visible with value.

    I also think original graphics are KEY. I’m taking a Photoshop Course this year because I want to better understand design and be able to whip up an original graphic at a moment’s notice. Someday we’ll be able to have a designer on retainer – but until then it’s up to me and the team we have to make things happen!

    I think everyone needs to sit back and regroup. Don’t give up … just make better plans. :-)

    • Hi Brooke,
      It’s great to have you here! It’s so difficult to remain focused on this ever changing noisy online environment we’re surrounded by. Graphics/visuals and clear goals are decisive factors in surviving the tide and surfing the wave nicely. Good on you for taking that PhotoShop course. I’m looking forward to your professionally looking graphics.
      Regrouping is sooo important. WE must listen and monitor carefully and readjust. Thanks so much for sharing your insights here. I appreciate YOU very much. Have a fantastic year filled with gorgeous and successful visuals to accompany your great content.

  2. Katherine says:

    Hey Veronica, I saw your post this morning, and I’m wondering if you saw the latest Facebook news today? Here’s the link just in case:

    • Hi Katherine,
      Thanks for thinking of sending me this. I did see it, late afternoon here, and thought: “SEE???” There are just too many changes. I can’t be bothered to device ‘new’ tricks just to get higher engagement/reach on one single platform. Visuals are here to stay. Graphic Designers will be much needed as everyone can do the intermediate nice looking graphic now. In order to stand out you have to be consistent with your colours, branding and message. It’s good to stay informed but also to bear in mind that the best practice today might not be the best practice for posting tomorrow on a certain platform, specially on moody Facebook. Cheers!

  3. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Fabulous article, Veronica! This is my absolute favorite on the recent Facebook changes for several reasons. I love how you explain the situation and incorporate Michael Stelzner’s interview with Mari Smith and Jay Baer. I listened to the podcast, too.

    I also appreciate how you offer sound and practical solutions from continuing to improve our original visuals to accompany our messages to offering value and posting “in line with your social media strategy,” and not deviating from our goals. As Brooke puts it, “remaining visible with value.” I have been guilty of not posting as many graphics as I would like to. Thank you for the encouragement on this!

    Have you ever read the book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, MD? If not, it is a great short read. The author describes 4 beings and how they deal with change and ultimately how change can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. The main idea of the story is that we need to be alert to changes in the cheese, and be prepared to adapt and find new sources of cheese when the cheese we have is gone. I often think about this book with all the changes on Facebook. As marketers, we all need to adapt and when someone “moves our cheese”.

    Again, fabulous article, Veronica! You nailed it!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your insights on this. I agree we have to adjust just not all the mice moving blindly following the cheese.
      There is a trend we can spot already of marketers who see the bigger picture and are sticking to what works for them without following quick mass fixes.
      In ecological terms changes are exerting pressure for selection of the fittest. There is some “correction” in order as the environment is “saturated”. We’ll see! Thanks for the inspiration to expand xx

  4. Veronica,
    I love your graphic and your tips on what we can control Thank you so much for sharing this information.
    Christine King recently posted…6 Types of Standout Content for Google HummingbirdMy Profile

  5. I’m a first time visitor, Veronica who incidentally landed on your post via Facebook!

    I agree with your suggestions, especially focusing on the areas that we can control. It is important to maintain a social media presence but not to the extent where an entire well-thought out marketing strategy can go off the rails. It also helps to engage and get to know the Page audience. Some audience does not like to engage as in Likes and shares but if one looks at the analytics, it appears that they DO read and perhaps, as in my case, take the engagement off-line.

    Thank you for mentioning Who Moved My Cheese. It is a book that I used to gift my colleagues and subordinates during my corporate years when I felt they needed a shift to help them change their perspective.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…Want to Attract Abundance in Your Life? Raise Your Money Set PointMy Profile

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