What to do about your Holiday marketing.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the advice on how to prepare your holiday Social Media campaigns?

Do you feel that the average message is not addressed to you?

Are your competitors already out there and you don’t want to look as if you’re ‘copying’ them?

Here are the main points from recent articles by Social Media and Marketing experts and some general advice at the end.

Jim Belosic of ShortStack wrote an article for SME pointing out 5 ways to prepare your Facebook Page for the holidays:

  1. Use a holiday Themed Cover photo that is “representative of your brand, but reflective of the season”.
  2. Add some holiday accent to your profile picture whether you use your logo or a photo of you or your team.
  3. Use your Facebook page to inform about your shop’s holiday deals, use a Tab for a giveaway or run a timeline contest.
  4. Decorate you App thumbnails – those Tabs that appear on the left side of your timeline.
  5. Schedule holiday related Facebook Adverts.

Some of these are very easy to implement, especially numbers 1, 2 and 4. Even if you don’t have any special deals, a bit of decoration attracts the eye of your followers and can lead to greater engagement.

Abbi Whitaker gives 5 wise tips for planning your Facebook Holiday campaigns in the PotsPlanner blog:

  1. Plan out multiple campaigns targeted to a niche audience and space them out.
  2. Offer short lived mobile friendly coupons.
  3. Use Facebook as your main platform but also Instagram (outdoor photo and hashtag contest) and Pinterest (winning a dream board).
  4. Increase your advertising budget around the highest traffic times during the holidays.
  5. Run timeline contests.

At the end Abbi points out that you should get creative, use holiday cheer and the colours green, red and gold. Some of these are also fairly straight forward. Make sure you revise your calendar and schedule posts for each of the season highlights, targeting a specific group of your followers. Here’s a post on how to use Facebook’s own targeting and scheduling features.

Rachel Sprung lists 7 steps to prepare your holiday marketing campaign in the HubSpot blog:

  1. Figure out how you can promote your brand on the most relevant holidays from all that are celebrated and concentrate on those.
  2. Move away from Christmas and create your own cause based on other dates like Thanksgiving.
  3. Create holiday themed offers to increase your e-mail list.
  4. Work on your editorial calendar and monitor your accounts during the holidays.
  5. Optimise your keywords to make sure your business is found during last minute searches.
  6. Organise an event, take photos and post them on your page.
  7. Show appreciation for your customers.

Number 7 is by far my favourite piece of advice here. The end of year is not merely a religious or commercial celebration. It is a time of reflection for everyone, even those who don’t see it like that. There are days ahead when businesses remain closed and people spend time with their families and friends – and their mobile devices. Use these days to send a ‘Thank You’ or a good wish for the year to come.

Brooke Ballard wrote a brilliant piece with 10 ways we give thanks online for the Social Solutions collective. There are some great ideas in there and my favourite is number 10: taking it offline – there’s nothing like a handwritten card sent by snail mail and placed near your tree or holiday home decor.

Christmas table decor

Eating together with dear ones might be the symbol to the holidays for some of you. It is for me.
Image Credit: Apolonia

When deciding on what to do just be yourself, do as you feel and use your experience and common sense. No one else but YOU can tell what is most suited to your audience or potential clients, in your own geographical region and within the spirit of your own tradition(s).

Happy holiday marketing!

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I am a Statistician made Marketer who loves organising information and researching. My aim is to help business owners develop the perfect Social Media strategy following their own voice and according to their goals. I can help you put yourself in your clients' shoes as I've been a consumer longer than a marketer. You are Welcome to introduce yourself here or contact me via the private form on this site. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Don't be shy. I might even write an article tailored to answering your specific questions because it might help others like you. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time!

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12 comments on “What to do about your Holiday marketing.
  1. This was so useful. So many good ideas. I have decided to stop spending so much time reading everything I get about holiday planning. Now I need to start implementing. Some great ideas I know I don’t know how to do technically but some I do and so I shall get to work. Weekend has 2 shows scheduled. Must remember to breathe.

  2. Well you have inspired me to think about what I ought to do regarding anything for the holidays. I appreciate the boost here! Thanks, and some of the your ideas I think I can do!

    • Good to know that you found inspiration and a thing or two you can implement. It is great to have you over and I’m looking forward to learning more about you Leslie. Do you have a blog? Happy holiday marketing and thank you so much for your feedback.

  3. I just love your article. You give lots of useful information and tips.
    I will apply
    Thanks You!

  4. Great post,Veronica. You did all the research, so I don’t have to. :) I think sending cards in the mail, the old fashioned way, to your customers is still important too.

    • Hi Sherry. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. I’m working on snail mail this year. It takes time to get thos cards across the ocean the old fashioned way but there’s nothing like a handwritten bunch of good wishes at the end of the year.
      Have a great Holiday Season yourself!

  5. Excellent round up of holiday marketing tips, Veronica. I love the holidays and am in holiday marketing mode myself!

    • Hi Rob! Good to see you. I love your peek-a-boo photo, btw. I wish I were a graphic designer so I could have double the fun creating lots of visuals for all the pages I manage but I found some great local peeps who spoil me so I’m lucky :)
      Happy Holiday marketing and thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Excellent article, Veronica. I love the holidays, too, and am planning to use some of these tips. Thank you!

    • Hi Robin! It’s always good to find these lists to boost us with new ideas, isn’t it? Now with timeline contests there’s something we didn’t have last year :)
      Thanks for stopping by. Always much appreciated. Have fun making beautiful graphs just the way you know best!

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